There's Nothing Quite Like Live Music

Forget about the jukebox and hear the real thing at Cedar River Landing

Do you love the energy and excitement only a live band can bring? Discover your new local favorites at Cedar River Landing. We welcome a wide variety of bands and musical styles to please any crowd.

Check out and support our local talents playing rock, country, hip-hop and everything in between. At Cedar River Landing, we're always happy to hear the latest sounds coming out of our community.


28: Daren Barker
29: Slap N Tickle

5th: Vinyl Night with DJ Commando
6th: Karl Hudson 5p-8p
Toxic Blonde 9p-1a
7th: Full Circle 7p-11p
12th: DJ Jazzy 9p-1a
13th: Cross Cut 5p-8p
Past Curfew 9p-Midnight
14th: Flex 8p-12a
St Patick's Day 17th: DJ Commando noon-3p
Crazy Delicious 4p-8p
20th: Christopher Anders 5p-8p
Skin Kandy 9p-1a
21st: JR Brink Band 7p-11p
27th: Jeff Mattison 5p-8p
Ron LaFleur 9p-1a
28th: Furious George 8p- Midnight

2nd: Vinyl Night with DJ Commando 8p-Midnight
3rd: Chad Ambrose 5p-8p
Noize Junkiez 9p-1a
4th: Mandella Effect 7p-11p
9th: DJ Jazzy 9p-1a
10th: Danny Whitson 5p-8p
Icebreakers 9p-1a
11th: New Trick 7p-11p
17th: Christopher Anders 5p-8p
Evan Stock 9p-1a
18th: O'Connell Brothers 7p-11p
24th: Evan Stock 5p-8p
Slap N Tickle 9p-1a
25th: In The Attic 7p-11p
30th: DJ Jazzy 9p-1a

1st: The Good Quiet 5p-8p
Bitter Sweet 9p-1a
2nd: Atomic Cake 7p-11p
8th: Ronald LaFleur 5p-8p
Unbalanced 9p-1a
9th: The Jury 7p-11p
15th: Chad Ambrose 5p-8p
Crystal City 9p-1a
16th: Furious George 8p-12a
22nd: Jugsluggers 5p-8p
Wild Card 9p-1a
23rd: Flex 8p-12a
24th: OUTDOOR I,Atomic 6p-10p
29th: OUTDOOR Evan Stock Band 6p-10p
30th: Rattlebox 7p-11p

5th: OUTDOOR Crazy Delicious 6p-10p
6th: OUTDOOR Robin Banks 6p-10p
12th: OUTDOOR Ice Breakers 6p-10p
13: Holiday Road 7p-11p
19th: OUTDOOR Toxic Blonde 6p-10p
20th: OUTDOOR New Trick 6p-10p
26th: OUTDOOR Mount Rockmore 6p-10p
27th: OUTDOOR Atomic Cake 6p-10p

3rd: OUTDOOR I,Atomic 6p-10p
4th: OUTDOOR Evan Stock Band 6p-10p
10th: OUTDOOR Slap N Tickle 6p-10p
11th: Noize Junkiez 8p-12a
17th: OUTDOOR Past Curfew 6p-9p
18th: OUTDOOR Skin Kandy 6p-10p
24th: OUTDOOR O'Connell Bros 6p-10p
25th: Above Ground 7p-11p
31st: OUTDOOR Cocked & Loaded 6p-10p

Cruise into the weekend with live music

Our live music schedule starts every Thursday night and will slide you right into the weekend. View our upcoming bands on:

  • Thursdays-DJ starts at 8 p.m. and goes until midnight.
  • Fridays-discover an acoustic performer from 5 p.m. until 8 p.m., followed by a live band from 9 p.m. until 1 a.m.
  • Saturdays-our live band set runs from 9 p.m. until 1 a.m.

View our contact form on this page to reserve your own band's time on our stage. Contact us today at 319-364-1854 to ask about our upcoming lineup.